Our pricing is based on a few simple principles and concepts

  1. You pay by the year so you are not locked in to a pricy contract or required to make a risky investment in custom development
  2. You choose the app platforms that you want and this changes your app’s price – Android Only, iPhone Only, or both
  3. You choose the features of your app and the price reflects the number of features you choose
  4. We make it easy for your law firm to have a mobile app without needing any technical expertise
  5. If you want further customization than what we offer in our app order form we will be happy to prepare a quote for your specific needs.  We’ve been developing our own legal apps for over 3 years and all of our developers are in the United States to support your needs.

Click here to get started creating your app now.  You will get a price estimate right away and we’ll begin working with you shortly after you submit your initial order.  You will not be required to pay until we contact you and work through all of your specific needs.