Lawyer App Articles

We collect some of the best information about what others are saying about apps for law firms.  With these articles we try to highlight the benefits and challenges that come along with creating apps and how CustomLawyerApps can help you reap the benefits and simplify the challenges and costs.

LFM AmLaw 200/Global 100 Mobile App Report for 2013

The costs of mobile efforts may be seen as too high. The possible costs associated with mobile development may be causing firms to avoid exploring such efforts. Creating a mobile web site as an adjunct to a firm’s main website requires resources, but not inordinately so. With respect to phone applications, development costs vary significantly depending on the scope of the app. In any event, firms “invest” significant sums of money in all sorts of marketing and business development efforts, such as sponsoring an event or getting published in pay-to-play publications. Firms should see investing in mobile efforts the same way.

ABA Journal – Apt to make apps? What you need to consider before jumping in

Get a sense of development costs and approaches. Developing a good app generally requires hiring a third-party app developer. Find one with a history of getting apps approved by the app stores. Costs will vary by project, geography and the like, but a budget of $10,000 to $20,000 can help you set realistic expectations.

Every Attorney Should Have a Mobile Application - Here are 5 Reasons Why

Gives you access to a growing market. All signs are pointing to the continuous growth of the mobile market. Many people are relying more heavily on their smartphones than they are on their PCs and laptops. A mobile application will help you stay in front of mobile users.

Law Firms Creating Apps For Better Marketing

Apps can go beyond the typical law firm website  Most of the law firm apps are simply recreations of content and activities on their website. Even these apps are great marketing tools are extremely efficient for exposure. Another law firm, O’Melveny & Myers, developed an app over the course of a year which provides users with information about the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Article: Firms Use Apps to Burnish Brands

Julia Love at the The Recorder recently wrote an article, entitled “Firms Use Apps to Burnish Brands”. Having the American Lawyer publish an article on this topic has really raised awareness of mobile efforts by large law firms.

Law Firm Mobile Website vs Mobile App

 The article, written by Donna Amos, the creator of the International Association of Solopreneurs, suggests that mobile websites are necessary for business acquisition and mobile apps are incredibly good for creating and maintaining customer loyalty.