About Us

CustomLawyerApps.com is a division of Front9 Technologies.  Front9 Technologies has been developing mobile apps since 2010 and leverages that experience to help make high quality apps for your law firm.  The team is a mix of legal professionals and software entrepreneurs that provide understanding of both areas.

Our most popular app has been iJuror (available for the iPad, Android tablets, Windows 8, and a cloud version at iJurorConnect.com) which is the top selling juror selection app that you can learn more about by clicking here.  iJuror has been featured in many legal publications throughout the years and has been highlighted on Apple.com here.

iJuror Screenshot

We will utilize this past experience to help navigate the sometimes complex approval process associated with the App Store.  We utilize best practices in design and development so that your app is polished upon submission to the App Store and the Google Play Store.

We’re confident that if you purchase an app for your firm using CustomLawyerApps.com your law firm will stand out from the rest.

Scott Falbo

President of Front9 Technologies (Follow us on LinkedIn)