Mobile Apps for Law Firms vs. Your Desktop Website

Mobile Apps for Law Firms - Asset Divider

Mobile Apps for Law Firms – Asset Divider

Clients are ever increasingly expecting businesses to offer a mobile presence.  This cuts across all types of businesses from the local pizza parlor, pediatricians, and your law firm.  A company’s mobile approach needs to be different than their main website – you can’t just shrink down everything on your site to a smaller device.  This misses the mark of what your customers are expecting from a mobile app.

When we think about mobile the information should be what a customer needs (and only what they need), when they need it, and where they need it.  For example, our local pizza shop’s desktop website may include the menu, contact information, and the history of pizza throughout the centuries.

On the pizza shop’s mobile app they should include the menu, phone number, and map of the location.  In this analogy the pizza shop owner knows that if a potential customer is mobile they are most likely attempting to place an order so the app should be designed to accomplish that specific task.

As an attorney you should also be asking the same questions when designing your mobile app for your law firm.  The development of mobile apps for law firms should start with this important question – will the majority of the users be existing clients or new potential clients?  Do we tailor our approach to our current clients by providing features such as a will creator and accident scene recreation?  Do we attempt to gain potential clients by using our app to educate the market about our specific areas of practice like divorce?  If that’s the case then your app should include some basic information about best practices to follow when pursuing a divorce along with a marital asset tracker.

Asking these important questions up front helps you to establish the goals you need to accomplish with your app and will help you target your app to achieve these goals.  Your mobile app will become a great asset in differentiating your firm from competing law firms.

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