Latest Android Master Key Exploit & Attorneys

By now you’ve probably heard about the most recent Android exploit to be discovered.  The Bluebox Security research team has uncovered this exploit that compromises up to 99% of Android devices.  This bug has been around since at least Android 1.6 (codenamed ‘Donut’) and can negatively impact any Android phone from the past 4 years.

As an attorney this is especially dangerous because if your Android device is compromised a hacker can do various malicious activities including reading email, documents, text messages, passwords, and more.  A hacker can also make calls from your phone, record calls, view your camera, and send text messages – all very scary scenarios for anyone in the legal profession.

How can you protect yourself?  First and foremost you should only download apps from approved App Stores (Google Play, Amazon App store, etc) and never download an app that you find on the web.  Your law firm should also institute a strict Bring Your Own Device policy to at least ensure that devices are updated to the latest versions with the appropriate security patches.

This is a trend that we will continue to see grow in the coming months and years and preventative behaviors such as not downloading suspicious apps are often the first and best line of defense for your law firm.


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