Free Shared Calendar for Your Law Firm Using Google Calendar

Some firms just need an easy to use shared calendar to keep track of appointments and prevent double bookings.  Google Calendar is a great free tool to use in this situation.

To get started visit the Google Calendar page and register a free account that you will share amongst the members of your firm.  For example, you may want to create a new account named and share this account with the employees in your office.

Once you’ve created a shared calendar the members of your firm can all enter their appointments on their own.  However, since all of your employees are using the same account you will need to be careful that calendar entries are not overwritten.

Members of your firm with smartphones can also sync the calendar with their mobile devices.  For team members with an iPhone you can follow the instructions here and for those with an Android device please click here for directions to use Google Sync.

In addition, for firms with advanced needs, Google offers an API that your IT department can work with to customize the calendar display to meet your specific needs.

Take a look at the Google Calendar page now to get started with your free calendar for your law firm.

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