ALM Turns to Mobile Apps for News

For an industry not often associated with quickly adopting cutting edge technology, Apps are being embraced by the legal industry at a staggering pace.

ALM has recognized this trend and recently released 14 mobile apps for the iPhone and iPad.  The apps are digital versions of the company’s traditional publications.  Some of the apps that ALM has released include:

According to ALM Chief Digital Officer, Jeffrey Litvack, “In the last year, the number of visitors to ALM’s online news sites who are using mobile devices has increased nearly 60 percent, far outpacing the growth in desktops and laptops.”

This same concept applies to law firms that are looking to resonate with clients in the new and innovative ways.  Attorneys that offer their own apps are able to connect with clients using a medium that is growing in ubiquity and customers are beginning to expect a mobile presence from the companies that they do business with.

In the next two years local service industries such as legal and accounting, business to consumer sales companies, and traditional information publishing companies like newspapers will be the three main industries to change their marketing and distribution methods to focus on mobile first and then other platforms second.

Ultimately the end consumer will win from this paradigm shift because they will be able to easily get the information they need when they need it and where they need it.

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