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Free Shared Calendar for Your Law Firm Using Google Calendar

Some firms just need an easy to use shared calendar to keep track of appointments and prevent double bookings.  Google Calendar is a great free tool to use in this situation. To get started visit the Google Calendar page and

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ALM Turns to Mobile Apps for News

For an industry not often associated with quickly adopting cutting edge technology, Apps are being embraced by the legal industry at a staggering pace. ALM has recognized this trend and recently released 14 mobile apps for the iPhone and iPad.

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IFTTT App for Law Firms (If This Then That) is a great task automation site that has recently launched a mobile app for the iPhone. IFTTT lets you create ‘recipes’ that combine various tasks or services into a single action.  For example, you can

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Latest Android Master Key Exploit & Attorneys

By now you’ve probably heard about the most recent Android exploit to be discovered.  The Bluebox Security research team has uncovered this exploit that compromises up to 99% of Android devices.  This bug has been around since at least Android

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