Why Should Our Law Firm Create an App?

Mobile device usage and availability continues to grow at an increasing rate.  Your law firm can benefit from tapping into this channel to provide information to your existing clients, educate potential clients, and provide an easy way for clients to contact your firm.

A recent study shows that 4 out of 5 smartphone users check their smartphones within 15 minutes of waking up each day.  With these devices becoming so pervasive in our every day lives your firm should not discount this channel of providing customer service and differentiation from other law firms.  Clients today want the ability to have mobile and constant contact.

Your firm’s app can contain various types of functionality depending on your specific needs.  Law firm apps most often have capabilities that fall into two categories: basic firm information and specific practice area information.

Blake Webber iPhone App Home

Here are some examples of Basic Firm Information:

  • About Us
  • Our Case History
  • Contact Us
  • Facebook Link
  • Your Firm’s Blog Feed

These are just some example of Specific Practice Area Information:

  • Alimony Calculator
  • Accident Scene Recreation
  • Mortgage Calculator
  • Child Support Calculator
  • Basic Will

Creating an app with a mix of the various features mentioned provides your firm a way to educate existing clients, engage potential clients, and provide greater customer service to your clients.

If you’re interested in trying an app that includes basic firm information and mortgage information download the app for the Law Office of Blake T. Webber for iPhone or Android.  The app can be downloaded for free and it shows how the Law Office of Blake T. Webber uses an app to engage with its clients.

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