Benefits of Mobile Apps for Your Firm

  • Clients Want Mobile Apps - Over 20% of browsing is done on a mobile device and this percentage continues to trend upward. As more people use iPhones and Android Phones, clients will expect for your law firm to have a mobile app just as they expect your firm to have a website today.
  • Provides Unique Branding for your Firm - Use your new mobile app in your traditional marketing to differentiate your law firm and your attorneys. Apps show clients that you embrace technology and innovation in your law practice.
  • Help Potential Clients Find Information About your Practice - Potential clients can search the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store for your firm's name and easily find your app providing a unique way to reach your clients
  • Recoup the App Cost with a Single Client - With our aggressive pricing more often than not the cost of your mobile app will easily pay for itself with a single client
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - your app will appear in search engine results and improve the SEO ranking of your firm making it easier for clients to find information

Easily Customize Your App

We make it easy to design your professionally designed app with no technical experience necessary.

With just a few clicks you can:

  • Choose if you want an iPhone and iPad app, an Android app, or both
  • Upload your own background image or choose a background color
  • Upload your own app icon image (or let us make one for you)
  • Choose the app's heading color
  • Enter your firm's contact information and address
  • Enter your firm's basic information
  • Choose from our app modules that fit your practice including
    • Accident Scene Recreation
    • Mortgage Calculator
    • Marital Asset Divider
    • Many more...

About Our Service

We pride ourselves on making it easy for your firm to get an app into the App Stores.

Just walk through a few simple steps to tell us about your firm and what features you would like in your app and we will provide you with a yearly cost for the app. We make our pricing transparent so there is no need to contact a Sales Rep to get a quote.

With our approach there is no need for recurring monthly fees and billing - just renew your account each year to keep your apps in the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store.

However, if you do need a fully custom app developed you can contact us and we'll provide you with an individual quote. Unlike some other app development companies we don't outsource or offshore our app development. All apps are developed in the United States by the same team that made iJuror, the top rated juror selection app for the iPad since 2010.